RPG has assisted businesses in virtually all industry segments over the past two decades through Factoring and other specialized lending facilities ranging from $10,000 to $7,000,000. The following examples illustrate some of the more interesting transactions over the years:

Specialized Transportation Company: $125,000 to $7,000,000 Factoring facility;

This is a tremendous success story. The Client, a trucking company specializing in dedicated moves for the automotive industry, approached RPG to provide a $125,000 facility upon the award of the first lane to the Client.

Within 2 1/2 years the success of the company required a $7,000,000+ facility. No other form of capital would have provided the owners the ability to prove themselves and grow their business in this manner. The Client subsequently successfully negotiated a $10,000,000 asset based facility and RPG collaborated fully with the lender to smoothly transition security etc. in new receivables while RPG collected the remaining factored receivables.

Public Medical Diagnostic Products Company: $2,000,000 Factoring facility;

The Client, a public company, is a world leader in antibody production, development and successful commercialization of unique medical diagnostic products. The company had exhausted its startup equity but now had a number of successful products with good receivables. They required a Factoring bridge facility while negotiating an asset-based loan with one of the major banks. Three months later they were successful and RPG collaborated fully in transitioning security to the new lender.

National Enterprise Network, Wireless, Voice and Data Provider: $5,000,000 Factoring facility; $500,000 WIP facility and $200,000 short term acquisition funding;

The Client is a provider of enterprise network, wireless, voice and data products and services and specializes in designing, installing and maintaining high-quality voice and data infrastructure through its nine offices across Canada. Using cash flow provided by Factoring the receivable portfolio, the company completed a strategic consolidating acquisition with modest Tangible Net Worth. RPG also provided a WIP/Inventory facility to meet working capital needs and, as well, a short term loan to bridge the acquisition payment.

Systems Integrator: $500,000 Factoring "top-up" facility;

The Client assists major names in the Life Sciences industry with successful implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs using industry distinguished methodologies. The company’s low six-figure line of credit with a major bank doesn’t meet their entire working capital requirements. RPG “topped-up” the bank line by Factoring specific receivables after obtaining releases from the bank.

Transportation Company: $500,000 Factoring facility;

The Client was in Special Loans with its banker. RPG negotiated with the bank to release specific receivables; the bank swept a certain percentage of each Factoring proceeds to pay down the outstanding loan while leaving the client funds to operate. The bank was substantially paid down within 6 weeks and agreed to a further six week forbearance to have the loan paid out in full.

Gardening Products Importer $1,500,000 seasonal Factoring facility and $500,000 purchase order financing facility;

The Client imports clay pots, metal, iron and fiberglass urns and other like products from China, Italy, Brazil, and the US and sells to major retailers. Most goods are imported on a “Documents against Payment” basis and in addition to our receivables program, RPG funded the purchase and importation of the equipment.

Market Leading IT Infrastructure Company, $5,000,000 Factoring facility; $500,000 WIP facility and $500,000 bridge loan to buy out bank facilities;

The Client provides a wide range of networking, structured cabling, integration and data centre solutions to Canada’s Fortune 100 companies. After a disappointing year, they were in Special Loans with their bank. RPG provided a number of facilities to meet the Client’s working capital needs and assist in the buyout of the bank’s position (at a discount in favour of the company).

Designer / Manufacturer of Solid Wood Furniture: $750,000 Factoring facility with
purchase order facility;

The Client markets lifestyle collections for the whole home and home office that have caught the attention of consumers in Canada and the US. In addition to our receivables program, RPG provided funds for raw materials and other expenses to permit the company to accept and fulfill large purchase orders from their major US clients.