Traditional lenders don’t look beyond traditional lending formulae and if your business doesn’t qualify, they offer no options. However, many businesses that don’t meet the bank’s evaluation standards are still thriving businesses with real capital needs.

The following is a partial list of innovative and (most importantly) flexible financing options RPG makes available to its business customers.

Typical financing situations:

  • Expansion / growth opportunities where capital base and leverage are constraints?
  • Bank top-up lines to meet seasonal or bulge requirements?
  • New business line requires start up and working capital?
  • Management buyout or partner buyout possibility?
  • Production financing needs (materials, production costs)?
  • Company has been losing money, but can be turned around

Factoring – Fast, easy access to capital.

Spend more time managing your business and less time worrying about your cash requirements. RPG converts your outstanding receivables to instant working capital with an initial payment between 75 and 95 percent of the face value of those receivables, with same day funding for pre-qualified accounts. The balance is paid to you immediately, less our discount, once we receive payment from your customer.

It is that simple! You choose which invoices to factor and use the facility only when you wish to. In addition, our team of professionals will assist you in making sound credit decisions with complete access to a number of credit reporting bureaus including Equifax, Dun & Bradstreet, etc. We follow up the initial credit review with monthly monitoring of any negative occurrences your customers may incur. Utilizing our customized software, you will receive professional, concise and easy to follow reporting on a regular and consistent basis via email, fax or other.

Let RPG tailor a program that will accelerate your cash flow! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact us for further details.

Purchase Order Financing – Powerful capital option.

Consider a scenario:
Your business is running smoothly. You have a steady base of creditworthy customers. Suddenly, the demand for your product(s) increases through more and/or larger orders. You request an increase in your Line of Credit, but your bank is unable to accommodate you. What can you do?

Purchase Order Financing may be your solution! For our qualified Factoring clients, these programs provide funds for raw materials and finished goods, based upon valid purchase orders from your creditworthy customers. This enables you to complete an order with virtually no out of pocket expense and offers you the potential to increase the size and number of your orders. See the following flow chart for an overview of a typical purchase order transaction. Programs are tailored to meet your needs.


Inventory Financing. Do you have on-shelf assets?

For many businesses the investment required to carry inventory or stock items can seriously diminish operating capital. This can be a particular problem for seasonal businesses that have to ‘stock up’ and then wait for their season to arrive.

Inventory financing programs, that leverage paid-for inventory, are available to qualified RPG Factoring clientele. Please contact us for further details.

Other Solutions – RPG offers more ways to the capital that you need.

While we specialize in enhancing liquidity through receivables acceleration, for our Factoring clients we do offer other options when appropriate.

RPG may also offer  bridge term loans or bridge equity to qualified Factoring clientele. Please contact us for details.

Depending on your needs, we would be pleased to offer assistance with:

  • Technical support in accounting,
    computer technology, etc.
  • Professional Credit and Collections
  • Operations and Administrative support
  • Supplier negotiation and materials sourcing

Resources – We bring these to every project.

Recognizing that it is not only capital that a company may need to get headed in the right direction, we also bring our significant business/financial management experience to our client relationships.

We offer counsel and direction when we recognize an opportunity or a weakness in approach. We have expertise in roles from simple credit monitoring right up financial strategy and management.

In partnership with our clients, it is common for a tailored package of financial and business services to emerge. Capital is provided to meet immediate and often short term needs and financial expertise is offered to help make the most of capital opportunities. We pride ourselves in offering the specific tools, advice and skills required to build a solid foundation for your company’s success.