Our Capital Idea.

Offering flexible, optimistic, non-traditional capital solutions for two decades, RPG has helped fuel the success and growth of its emerging and medium sized enterprise clients in an diverse cross section of industries. With an openness not found in traditional capital markets, we see business strength in measures other than debt/equity ratios and find ways to support our customers progress.

We view ourselves as a financial and resource bridge between where you are currently and where you would be, with the right support. RPG understands, as you do, your company’s success is due to the effective and timely combination of:

  • Products/services,
  • Business skills and industry knowledge,
  • Growth opportunities, and
  • Capital – to seize the opportunities and meet working capital needs created by growth.

As you grow however, circumstances can combine to impede your progress. Today, many good businesses do not meet the lending criteria of chartered banks or cannot wait for bank approvals. Crises force many growing businesses to focus on their cash problems and settle for unsatisfactory short-term solutions: sale of equity, loss of ownership and/or control, unwanted obligations or debt, stymied growth.

In partnership with our clients, a tailored package of financial and business services is developed to empower you to:

  1. Focus on your areas of expertise and use RPG’s support and capital to maintain financial stability;
  2. Maintain ownership and/or personal equity;
  3. Develop a strong financial presence which will allow you to:
    • Access a capital source that will keep pace with your growth;
    • Build and protect your credit rating;
    • Offer credit terms to your customers without affecting your cash flow;
    • Take advantage of supplier early payment and/or volume discounts
    • Increase the cash flow from your customer
  4. Improve your profitability and attain your growth objectives.

RPG - Your Partner In Growth

Our team combines many years of capital and small business operating experience with a strong customer service focus.
We would be pleased to earn your trust and assist you in your growth.